Society of Occupational Medicine Membership

Society of Occupational Medicine Membership

Following the vote at last year’s AGM, Associated Healthcare Practitioners (AHPs) who wish to join the Society of Occupational Medicine can now apply for 2012 membership online.   Occupational health nurses, physiotherapists, ergonomists, occupational hygienists, psychologists, research scientists, occupational therapists, toxicologists and epidemiologists who hold a professional qualification, are able to join the Society from January 2012.

There are two categories:

Affiliated membership – a full membership that entitles AHPs voting rights and to all benefits including our peer reviewed journal, Occupational Medicine, CPD, regular electronic newsletter, regional groups and an extensive member’s only section on the website.

Associate Status – this is not a formal membership but allows attendance at CPD meetings and provides regular updates of the latest news in occupational health via the electronic newsletter.

Full details of all the benefits and how to join are available here: Membership

The aim is that by widening the membership we will be able to facilitate closer working relationships, greater understanding and effective communication between professionals working in occupational health. The Society hopes that this partnership approach will be of benefit to all members and provide opportunities for inter-professional learning. It will also give us greater influence with Government and other organisations. More importantly it will increase our ability to protect and improve the health of people of working age.

Kind regards

Ms Hilary Todd

Chief Executive

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